What is Nearsightedness and Farsightedness?

Glasses, spectacles, lenses are all common eye related accessories these days. Those suffering vision problems as nearsightedness or farsightedness are in need of them.

What is the exact meaning or manifestation of these visual ailments – nearsightedness and farsightedness?


In medical terms nearsightedness is a condition more commonly known as myopia. It is a common condition where people can not see anything at a distance, or more appropriately can not see as clearly. It is a common problem and denoted by the minus symbol. It generally happens more to the young than the old. Mostly people will bend over or have the reading material very close to their eyes. At the same time they would often strain or squint their eyes to look at something clearly which is at a certain distance. This shows that they are suffering from myopia. Nearsightedness can be corrected with the se o glasses or lenses with the correctional power that neutralizes the distance visual problem.


Just the opposite of this is farsightedness. It is just the reverse situation and is commonly known as otherwise presbyopia. In this case the person can see things at a distance but find it difficult to see things close. Even if they were to read a book, they will try to hold it at a distance and then try to read it. In the case of nearsightedness, where the young are most likely affected, in this case older people are more affected. Often farsightedness is related to age and affects those older. Farsightedness can be neutralized with the help of glasses or lens with the plus symbol.

While both the conditions can be corrected with the help of lenses or glasses, continuous eye exercise as prescribed by the optometrist can help reverse and correct such problems. Correct posture, conscious and good reading habits, and relaxation will also help to control the power factor whether one is farsighted or nearsighted. You can also take break at intervals, rather than strain your eyes with the job that you are doing. With these simple and easy steps, you would not have to depend on power glasses or lenses and can be naturally corrected.

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