Don’t let your contact lenses rule your life. We can help!

Many patients who hate their contact lenses or feel that they are too dry or blurry are THRILLED with the new contacts from Casa Grande Eye Care. We use computerized mappings that individually determine the best contact lens fit YOUR eyes. Our doctors have higher rates of success than many practices with fitting bifocal, astigmatism, and other specialty lenses. Casa Grande Eye Care believes in offering our patients the newest contact lens technology available.

Many people prefer their appearance without glasses. Contacts allow for a wide field of unobstructed vision and increased comfort during sports and other recreations, may be used to enhance your appearance cosmetically, and are even frequently used for the treatment of certain eye conditions. Today, there are more convenient and healthy contact lens options than ever to satisfy a wider range of patients.

These lenses offer superior comfort and breathability, and that is why Casa Grande Eye Care has the some of the happiest and healthiest contact lens wearers in town! Schedule your appointment today to talk with one of our doctors about which contact lens will give you better vision and comfort than you have ever experienced before!

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