How To Winterize Your Eyes

Casa Grande Eye Care loves our community and wants everyone to have healthy, happy eyes. This time of year is great and even though our local weather isn’t as extreme as other places, we are still faced with factors that can be damaging to our eyes and eyesight. Below are some tips on how to winterize your eyes!

Sun Exposure

Most people associate sun exposure to the summer, but it can be just as often and sometimes even more intense in the winter. Regardless of what time of year it is, overexposure to the suns UV rays can cause Photokeratitis. This condition is like sunburning the sensitive tissues of the eyeball. Even though this can heal with time, it can easily be avoided by wearing protective eyewear. UV Exposure is also known to cause certain types of cataracts and also speed up the aging process. Wearing appropriate eyewear, and having sunglasses ready on gray days if the sun decides to come out unexpectedly.If you decide to hit the slopes or spend anytime in snow, also make sure to wear protective sunglasses or goggles because of the intense reflected sunlight.

Atmospheric Irritations

The dry air, extra wind, and spending time by a fire this winter can all result in dry, irritated eyes. This is especially true if you wear contacts so make sure you are cleaning them properly. These conditions normally cause us to rub and sometimes accidentally scratch our eyes. If your eyes are dry or irritated it is good to try an eye lubricant a few times a day or going a step further and getting a humidifier for your common areas.

So in short: protect your eyes, make sure to keep them hydrated, and don’t forget to give them a rest. We hope you are having a great Holiday season and as always we here to help with any vision questions and concerns. Give yourself the gift of amazing eye health because what better way to start off 2015 then to see it perfectly?!


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