What Is A Cataract?

There is a lens in the eye, much like a lens in a camera. This lens focuses images on the back of the eye, the retina. At birth this lens, called the crystalline lens is clear. As we age, it yellows and begins to harden, and begins to cloud. When it becomes cloudy it begins to interfere with the quality of our vision. At this point, it is considers a cataract.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cataracts

People experience the effects of cataracts in many different ways. Having a cataract can be compared to looking through a frosted or steamed window. Most people complain of some sort of gradual change to their vision. Others often feel that there glasses are not as good as they once were. Most patients experience some or all of the following symptoms below:

• Blurring of vision
• Glare or light sensitivity
• Poor night vision
• Decreased vision
• Fading of color perception
• Needing a brighter light to read.

If you have a cataract or are experiencing these symptoms, we can help. Surgery is an elective procedure and you should only make this decision with help from your eye care provider. Our doctors will help you decide when it is time. Casa Grande Eye Care’s eye care providers can accurately diagnosis your cataracts for you. Our doctors will be more than happy to answer an questions you may have. If you have been told that you have cataracts, and you would like a second opinion, we can help.

Cataracts Are Treated By Surgery

Lens replacement surgery is the only way a cataract can be removed. This surgery involves a very small incision on your eye through which the cataract is removed. Once the lens is removed, it is simply replaced with a new artificial lens that provides clear vision.

The time to consider lens replacement surgery is when you are no longer satisfied with your vision or when the quality of your vision puts limits on your lifestyle. With advancements in technology, you now have choices of what type of lens will be used for your lens replacement surgery.

At Casa Grande Eye Care our doctors will only refer you to experienced, highly trained cataract surgeons. Casa Grande Eye Care has over 35 years of co-managing cataract surgeries with the top cataract surgeons in the Phoenix-Tucson area. We know that your eyes are important to you, and we strive to recommend only what is best for you and your eyes.

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