Eye Allergies and Simple Remedies

Your eyes are the most delicate organs of your body. However, they can be affected by allergies which may be seasonal or perennial in nature. Burning sensation, droopy or bulging eyelids, inflammation, redness, itchy or teary eyes are all symptoms of eye allergies.

Typically allergies that affect the eyes are known as ocular or conjunctivitis allergies. Almost one in every ten people suffer from eye allergies.

Seasonal Allergies

As the name suggests these allergies are seasonal in nature and do not happen all the year around. They occur at a particular time of the year or a season. For example, at the onset of spring, pollen can cause allergies for many and cause red and teary eyes. Sometimes the problem persists throughout the day or is at its height during the day, and as the day progresses the itchiness subsides.

Perennial Allergies

Unlike seasonal allergies that occur at a season or a particular time of the year, perennial allergies last throughout the year and are often subjective. One might be affected by things like dust, mites, pet fur, and particular chemicals in cosmetics, perfumes, smells from products or medicines for that matter. With that said, one needs to stay away from these as one might be sensitive to these.

Simple Remedies for Ocular Allergy Relief

One can take simple steps to protect their eyes and see that allergies will not affect the eyes as much. Here are some simple relief techniques providing measures that will help relieve the discomfort caused by allergies:

  • Cayenne
  • Although cayenne is a rich and a powerful spice, a concoction made with warm water and cayenne soaked in that water helps to relieve the eyes of any infection or itchiness. It also enhances the blood circulation as well as increases the inflow of oxygen in the eyes. Cayenne also helps to get rid of the toxic elements present in the eyes.

  • Eyebright
  • This herb helps reduce the inflammation in the eyes. It effectively shrinks any irritated tissues and calms swollen mucous membranes with its antiseptic properties. This is easily available and can be kept handy by those who suffer from extreme allergy problems.

  • Red raspberry leaves
  • It works like eyebright as the red raspberry leaves help in decreasing the symptoms of allergies and providing immediate relief. The leaves need to be pounded and then immersed in warm water. Left for an hour or so, they can be strained and used to wash the eyes. Washing eyes at regular intervals will clear the eyes as well and remove any allergens that may be present.

  • Eye exercises
  • Allergies often weaken the eyes. Taking some time off for eye exercises helps to strengthen the eye muscles. It also helps to improve eyesight and adds a sparkle in them. The exercise work on the glands help bring tears which works like a natural cleanser and throws out any foreign particles that may have caused the problems.

If the problem is severe and causes problems with the eyesight, it is necessary to consult the doctor and get checked if there is a problem beyond allergies.

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