Diabetes and Your Eyes

One of the health issues that people are facing world over is diabetes. Diabetes not only is a serious health condition by itself but also affects other parts of the body indirectly. It affects the smooth functioning of organs in the body and can often lead to failure, or be an impediment in recovery.

Type I or Type II diabetes can affect the eyes. It is advised to have regular eye checkups should one be diagnosed with the problem. The elevation of blood sugar due to insufficient production of insulin is harmful to the blood vessels that support the vision of the eyes. It can lead to vision problems, to dryness and even can cause one to become blind. The part of the eye that is most affected is the retina. The retina is the lining at the back of the eyes. It is very important part of the eye as it translates the rays into images in the brain. The retina is nourished by oxygen and the blood flow. When one is diabetic the blood is affected and the viscosity in the blood reduces the natural flow. It needs a higher pressure to reach the blood vessels, therefore causing numerous problems.

What Eye Problems are Associated with Diabetes?

Type II diabetes causes other problems which could take a serious turn.

  • Diabetic retinopathy is the most common problem. It starts with increased pressure which results in the weakening of the blood vessels. Eventually due to the high pressure it clogs and ruptures the blood vessels. The blood starts leaking and therefore stops the flowing of light into the retina. This can cause floats in the form of spots or even restricts clear vision. If this is neglected and not treated, the damaged blood vessels form scar tissue that detach the retina from the eye. The end result is permanent blindness and is not reversible.
  • The other common problem is glaucoma. Type II diabetes causes damage to the optic nerve. The increased pressure in the blood due to diabetes prevents the excess fluid in the eyes to drain out. This damages the nerves and tissues in the eyes and results in partial or permanent loss of vision.
  • A cataract is another serious problem. From outside it looks like balls of clouds that form in the eyes. It actually clouds the lenses which is in front of the eyes, impeding normal vision. Normally a cataract affects the elderly, but can affect one early on due to diabetes.

If one is diabetic, one needs to go for regular checkups to make sure that your eyes are in good shape and vision is not affected. After all, your eyes are one of the most important and delicate organs of the body.

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