6 Tips to Control Dry Eye

Dry eye commonly affects people at some point in their life and can be caused by several environmental and biological factors. Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of dry eye and how you can properly manage the condition.

Causes of Dry Eye

As we mentioned before, dry eye can be caused by many environmental and biological factors which can include:

  • The most common group of people who suffer from dry eyes are often over 60 years of age when several bodily functions naturally begin to decrease in efficiency.
  • The other most common group of people who are affected are anyone who stares at a computer or television screen for several hours throughout the day.
  • Many cases of dry eyes in people of all ages are commonly associated with dehydration, nutrient deficiencies such as fatty acids, and other conditions that affect overall health such as diabetes. Certain medications that are used to relieve allergies or cause dehydration are also among the leading contributors to dry eyes.
  • Environmental factors such as dry climates, harsh sunlight, cold weather, and exposure to wind can also cause severe dryness in anyone’s eyes.

6 Tips for Managing Dry Eye

You can help yourself overcome dry eyes through several simple methods:

  1. Use over-the-counter eye drops throughout the day to keep your eyes moist.
  2. Blink frequently when watching TV or using your computer while also taking frequent breaks from staring at screens to promote tear distribution.
  3. Use an air humidifier at home or in your office to promote air moisture.
  4. Make a point of drinking plenty of water throughout the day while also eating foods that are rich in fatty acids such as fish, avocados, or flaxseeds.
  5. Wear sunglasses when you are outdoors during daylight.
  6. Talk to your doctor about switching medications that commonly cause dry eyes.

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