6 Great Tips to Help Protect Your Vision

Vision is an important sense for anyone who was born with the ability, but the gift of sight is something that should be protected throughout one’s life. Vision can be negatively affected by several different things which vary from bad habits, nutrition, or family history. Do yourself a favor by following these 6 tips to help protect your vision as you age.

Protect Your Vision With These 6 Tips

  1. Eat Healthfully
  2. Proper nutrition is essential to ensuring that your body remains healthy. Try reading a book on nutrition to learn how to follow a balanced diet while restricting your consumption of junk food.

  3. Cut Out Bad Habits
  4. Habits such as tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption have been proven to lead to several negative health conditions which includes vision impairment.

  5. Protect Your Eyes
  6. It is important to wear sunglasses when you are outside whether it is a sunny or cloudy day. You should also wear reliable eye protection when you are performing tasks that involve particles being launched in the air such as cutting wood or doing yard work.

  7. Take Care of Your Contact Lenses
  8. Make a point of properly cleaning your contact lenses as directed to protect your eyes from infection and increase the longevity of your contacts.

  9. Take Frequent Breaks From TV & Computer Screens
  10. Eye fatigue is among the leading causes of vision impairment. Take frequent breaks when you are watching TV, playing video games, or working on a computer to give your eyes a rest.

  11. Learn About Your Family History & Schedule Routine Eye Exams
  12. Eye diseases are often hereditary, which means that you should ask relatives about negative eye conditions. Share your findings with your optometrist while staying on top of attending routine eye exams and treatments.

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