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Eye Care Center In Casa Grande, AZ

We care about you and your family’s vision and, more importantly, we’re dedicated to a lifetime of care for you and your eyes. We are locally owned and operated. Whether we are providing glasses for your children or outfitting you with glasses that speak to your personality, we are all about eyes.



A comprehensive eye wellness exam is performed on all patients and includes a thorough evaluation of the eye and visual system. It includes a prescription for glasses and medications if needed.

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Contact Lenses

At Casa Grande Vision Center we want you to love your contact lenses. For you to love them, they need to fit the shape and size of your eyes and match your eye prescription. Your eyes are unique, and we want you to enjoy wearing your contact lenses.

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Eye Care Services

We are excited to provide you and your family the best in preventative eye care. We pride ourselves on accurate prescriptions, compassionate doctors and peace of mind that your vision is the best it can be.

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Our Philosophy

We truly care about our patients and are passionate about the work we do and the results we produce. At Casa Grande Eye Care, we believe that your eyes are our top priority. Casa Grande Eye Care provides the best possible eye care using today’s modern technologies combined with personal attention directed to the specific needs of our patients. We say, seeing is believing. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience a more comfortable and enjoyable one.